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Customer Comments

Below are just some of the comments made by our happy clients after using the FastUnsecuredLoans.com service:

"Thank you for your speedy service and polite assitance".
Carol Makone Applied 06/14/04 Approved 06/20/04
" You can use my name as a reference I would recommend your service "
- John Mills Applied 06/09/04 Approved 06/10/04
" Thank you for all your help and advice and for the options you told me about"
- Steven Mathers Applied 06/05/04 Approved 06/09/04
" Obviously you guys know what your doing....Im glad I ended up in the right place "
- Gabriel Symonds Applied 06/21/04 Approved 06/22/04
"Thanks again we finally got there I appreciate your help and advice".
- Trevor Torrens Applied 06/11/04 Approved 06/22/04
" I was impressed with your service and your members info thanks for your help" - Craig Wyatt
"I liked your no bs approach to helping me get some money thanks" - Gary Williams
" Thanks for your honest and concise information"
- Peter Ryan Applied 05/25/04 Approved 05/28/04
"I really need the cash thanks for your help"
- Matt Reece Applied 05/23/04 Approved 05/28/04
"Thanks for your help in securing my finance"
- Walter Oyman 06/20/04 Approved 06/22/04
"I wasted time trying other sites Im glad I came buy you guys you told it how it was and set me on the right path at least"
- Reggie Olson Applied 06/10/04 Approved 06/22/04
" I really needed this loan and you did the job thank you sincerely"
- Heather Narsik Applied 06/12/04 Approved 06/17/04
"I would like to thank you very much for your help"
- Celia Wojinski Applied 05/2/04 Approved 05/8/04
"My name is Rosa Polities and i would like to thank you for your help in getting the money i needed at a difficult time".
Rosa Polities
" I really appreciate all your help "
- Greg Thomas Applied 03/29/04 Approved 03/30/04
" Great customer service"
- Margaret Wilson Applied 03/25/04 Approved 03/29/04
" Well done thanks for your help "
- Paul Sellers Applied 03/28/04 Approved 03/29/04
"I have been to heaps of sites only to go from link to link i appreciate you answering my email and the lenders you provided proving their is some light".
- Peter Peletine
" Superior customer service" - Sandy Howell
"Thank you so much for your speedy refund. It's a pleasure doing business with someone who stands by their guarantee. Although I didn't get approve for a loan, you did stand by your word and that means a lot. Thanks again!!! " - Betty Carter
" Really good work"
- Frank Littleman Applied 03/02/04 Approved 03/14/04
"Top performance exactly what I needed"
- Lois Kerry Applied 03/15/04 Approved 03/17/04
"I got the loan through you guys and I greatly appreciate your help. I would recommend your service please use me as reference"
- Jacinta Jolie Applied 03/9/04 Approved 03/16/04
"Thanks for your patience and all the emails. Sorry for being such a pain I really appreciate all you have sent and the lifetime membership. I will tell any friends looking for a loan to use your service"
- Katie Young Applied 03/1/04 Approved 03/7/04
" Thanks for all your time and effort"
- Ritu Applied 02/25/04 Approved 02/27/04
"I know we started badly but you really came through for me. Thanks for your emails and efforts"
- Brian Corrigan Applied 02/25/04 Approved 02/27/04
" Lots of options plenty of lenders " - Yuri Levik 02/15/04
"I have been to hundreds of these finance type sites and never get email back. I have also paid for memberships to other sites. Your by far the best for answering email and finding a loan. I was at least this time able to apply for a loan and work on my credit"
- Susan Potter Applied 02/10/04 Approved 02/17/04
"I needed loan in a hurry and thought you might be able to help -maybe. i was suprised by the service you gave for people with my credit"
- Wesley Winston Applied 02/8/04 Approved 02/16/04
"I am glad I took out the membership now I won't have to search round every time I need finance"
- Terry Grover Applied 02/6/04 Approved 02/8/04
" You have showed me how to improve my credit so I can get the money I need and I am grateful for this "
- Loni Ferris Applied 02/2/04 Approved 02/5/04
"I needed this money really badly and you showed me how. I am sooooo grateful thank you"
- Leslie Warren Applied 01/25/04 Approved 01/29/04
" Thank you for your assistance in finding my loan to tie up all my debts."
- Sam Fisher Applied 01/09/04 Approved 01/09/04
" You helped us get out of a tight situation and for that we are very grateful "
- Michael Norris, Detroit, Applied 01/05/04 Approved 01/06/04
" Thank you so much for your expedient response to this matter. Your customer service was outstanding. Please forward this to your supervisor or manager. -). Have a great day! "
- Sonya M. Sessoms
" Your site is most helpful "
- Melissa Corbett Applied 01/02/04 Approved 01/06/04
" Lucky we found you in time thanks for your help"
- Franklin T. Rowe, New Orleans, Applied 01/12/04 Approved 01/12/04
" We needed a personal loan in a hurry and were worried our credit would stop us from getting the loan. Thanks for being prepared to give us a chance "
- Lola Ruiz, New Mexico Applied 01/17/04 Approved 01/19/04
" Finally a reliable source that provides some service"
- Gina Boffa, Los Angeles, Applied 01/19/04 Approved 01/20/04
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"Hello, my name is Latoya. I joined FastUnsecuredLoans.com on thursday and I was approved for a loan by tuesday the following week. I had my money the day after I was approved".
Thank you, Latoya Tull
"Thank you for all your help I secured the loan I needed three days after joining your service - well done".
- Mark Smith, Orlando, Applied 11/2/03 Approved 11/5/03
"Your service has proved to be a great assistance to us"
- Flora Dickson, Wyoming - Applied 11/4/03 Approved 11/6/03
"Thanks again for your help you really helped us out of a jam"
- Rita Marlino Applied 11/8/03/ Approved 11/10/03.
"Hello, My name is Jessica Lyon I am writing to let you know I received the money I required today and I would like to thank you for all your help. I really didn't know if if your service could help but was pleased with the process it took. I will recommend your service to my friends and use you again in future"
- Jessica Lyon Applied 11/01/03 Approved 11/05/03
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"Finally some one prepared to listen and help. thanks for helping get my business under way"
- Len Pope Long Beach - Applied 09/25/03 Approved 09/27/03.
"Thanks for all your help, I couldn't have got the loan I wanted without you"
- Gary Leary New York City - Applied 09/12/03 Approved 09/15/03
" Many thanks for your perseverance and honesty. It is refreshing to come across a service such as yours"
- Susan Rossen, Maine
" I needed a loan quickly and easily and thats what I got with your service, I am most grateful"
- Wendy Matthews, Detroit
" My credit was poor and you helped fix the problems and get me set up for my loan, thanks for your all your help"
- Lucy Knibs, New York
" Lots of thanks for your efforts"
- Theodore Maxwell ,Applied 09/17/03 Approved 09/22/03
Or scroll down to see some more comments from our happy customers.
"thank you so much for you patience and understanding. any other company would not hve returned my email until a week later. your company was promt and answered all of my questions and concerns. it is nice to know that real people still read the concerns of their customers and not an aouto response. i will reccommend FastUnsecuredLoans.com to everyone i know. to assure people that they will be treated like a customer and not a number. again thank you for your time and patience. i will continue to enjoy the services that FastUnsecuredLoans.com has to offer and share it with as many people as i know. thank you very much"
April Morgan
"Your gesture is grand-and you have single-handedly given your company a good name-thank you. I will tell others about your web-site-have a great day!"
- Cassandra Compostella Inverness, Florida.
"I cannot thank you enough for taking time out of your busy schedule to help me. Words are not large enough to let you know how very much that I appreciate what you did for me. I hope you have a very wonderful day and may God bless you richly. Thanks again so much!!! " - Maria
"Your service proved to be fast and efficient, thanks for your help"
- Steven Perry Nebraska -Applied 03/03/03 Approved 03/04/03
"Your service was better than all the others I tried thanks for answering all my questions" - Gail Munro San Francisco - Applied 02/28/03 Approved 03/01/03
"Got the personal loan I needed when I thought I had no hope"
- Rex Dunlop Texas - Applied 02/07/03 Approved 02/14/03
"Satisfied Customer" - Robert Dean New York - Applied 02/19/03 Approved 02/23/03
"I will definitely be able to use a lot of the information you provided"
- Shelley Woolnough Pittsburgh
Or scroll down to see some more comments from our happy customers.
" I just got sick of too many monthly payments and needed some space to move"
- Gloria Wagner Denver Applied refinancing loan 03/04/02 Approved 03/06/02
" I guess we lucked out with yall cos we sure had no idea what we were doing when we started lookn. thnks for helping get our loan"
- Stuart & Elle May Stevens New Orleans Applied 05/15/02 Approved 05/16/02
" You loan me the money I need quick. Im real happy your service "
- Phon Nygen Sacramento Applied personal loan 12/14/01 Approved 12/16/01
" Your service was what you said and the lending options were extensive "
- Chris Murray Milwaukee Applied 04/02/02 Approved 04/03/02.
" Thanks for your help I found my loan straight away "
- Carla Godfrey Anaheim Applied 01/21/02 Approved 01/21/02.
"When I started looking for my loan I wasn't sure what to do. I thought I would give your service a try and was happy with the results- I got the loan I wanted"
- Dean Carlisle Boise Applied 08/15/01 Approved 08/15/01.
" Excellent service and a fast approval what more could i ask? "
- Megan Bairstow Connecticut
" Your service was great I would recommend it to anyone looking for a loan "
- Skye Lincoln Dallas Applied personal loan 03/22/02 Approved 03/23/02
" Thank God I won't need to look any further. You have answered my prayers "
- Margaret Livermore Salt Lake City applied 01/14/02 Approved 01/16/02
" I wish I had found you at the start of my search it would have saved a lot of hassle. Thanks for your help with my loan " - Gary Baker New York Applied 09/09/01 Approved 09/10/01
" Thanks for your patience and all your advice. we wouldn't have got our loan without you " - Mary Davis San Francisco Applied personal loan 02/27/02 Approved 03/02/02
" In the end you were the only guys to really help. Your fee is more than reasonable for the service you provide. I would be happy to recommend your service " - Antonio Machion New York
Or scroll down to see some more comments from our happy customers.
" Thanks for taking the guess work out of the loan jungle! Your service was first class and the lender did there job" - Bob Norton Cleveland Applied 02/17/02 Approved 02/18/02.
" Im glad I found you. I was beginning to believe there was no one out there to help " - Cecilia Jameson Applied 03/26/02 Approved 03/29/02.
" Finally someone committed to helping. I thought i was never going to get my loan. Got sick of hearing how i didn't qualify.Your lenders were a lot more flexible " - Rex Morrison Applied 04/05/02 Approved 04/10/02.
" We needed money fast and you were able to help us find it. For that we will be eternally grateful" - Mario Dolce Palm Beach Applied 12/15/01 Approved 12/17/01.
" We messed around trying different ways to find our loan. Your list let us find the right lender straight away " - Trish Patterson Applied 12/09/01 Approved 12/17/01

These are just some of the comments from our happy customers.

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